Aluminium Conductor Composite Core (ACCC)

In 2008, PT KMI Wire and Cable Tbk signed the agreement with CTC Cable Corporation, as a patent holder of Aluminium Conductor Composite Core (ACCC) to manufacture ACCC in Indonesia.

Aluminium Conductor Composite Core is the latest technology of Aluminium Conductor with trapezoidal wire which can carry double current carrying capacity comparing with the same size of conventional ACSR Conductor. It is also called ‘High Temperature Low Sag (HTLS)’ conductor.

The process of getting the licence to manufacture ACCC in Indonesia was started on October 2008, and PT KMI Wire and Cable has been fully qualified to manufacture ACCC Conductor since March 2009.

Up to now, there are thousands kilometres of ACCC products with various types and sizes has been manufactured by PT KMI Wire and Cable and successfully installed and energized in Indonesia.