General References

XLPE, PVC or EPR insulated power cables with copper or aluminium conductors according to IEC 60502 are

in general suitable for fixed installation : - indoors, outdoors, or underground

Type designation :

The type of designation is a combination of abbreviations for the main constructional elements.

The abbreviations describe the cable design from inside (conductor) to outside (outer sheath).

Metallic Armour
N : Copper B : Double tape
NA : Aluminium R : Round wire
NF : Twisted cable with copper conductor F : Flat wire
NFA : Twisted cable with aluminium conductor Gb : Steel tape as counter helix
RE : Instrument cable Rb : Steel braid
JX, TX, EX, KX : Thermocouple Extension cable Rx*) Inserted wire
2Y : PE 2Y : PE
2X : XLPE insulation H : Low smoke zero halogen
H : Low smoke zero halogen N : Nylon
G : Rubber 2X : XLPE or XLHDPE
HX : Crosslinkable Low smoke zero halogen
Metallic Screen
S : Copper screen T : Al / steel Insulated
SE : Copper screen for each core Ta : ACSR Indulated
C : Concentric conductor B : Al / Steel Bare
W : Wave screen Ba : ACSR Bare
Cb : Cu tin Braid
Metallic Sheath
K : Lead

*) x is variable, depends on material inserted : "a" for aluminium, "c" for copper and "t" for cu tin coated

Conductor :

Conductor shall be made of plain annealed copper wire or hard drawn aluminium wires complying with IEC 60228

Size range :

  • Copper : 1.5 - 1000 mm2 (nominal cross section)
  • Aluminium : 10 - 1400 mm2 (nominal cross section)

Conductor Shape :


round solid (re)


round stranded (rm)

: sector solid (se)


compacted round stranded (cm)


sector shaped stranded (sm)

: flexible (fx)

Core Identification :

Number of Cores Core Identification
System - O System - l
Single Black
Two Blue, Black
Three Blue, Brown, Black Blue, Brown, Yellow/Green
Four Blue, Brown, Black, Black Blue, Brown, Black, Yellow/Green
Five Blue, Brown, Black, Brown, Black Blue, Brown, Black, Black, Yellow/Green
More than five Black with White numbers Black with White numbers, Yellow/Green

* Other Core identification colour are available on request